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Qi Gong with Gertrude Tahon

“The Zhong Yuan Qi Gong method that I teach is a simplified method that adapts to everyone’s condition. We will practice various exercises, as well as techniques that will act on stress, joints and pain physical and other blockages. This course also includes meditations.”

Guided meditation with Sylvie Major

Join Sylvie, our energy therapist, for a guided meditation in the Energy Room, and enjoy this state of relaxation throughout the weekend!

Meditation iwth Manon Duplantie

“I invite you to the Energy Room for a group meditation. Let’s use the power of the Energy Room, combined with the strength of the group to bring peace and love to the Earth. I am excited to spend this time with you!”

Tibetan bowls with Monique Martin

Join Monique and her Tibetan bowls to experience a unique sound experience in the Energy Chamber that will soothe your mind and harmonize your body and spirit.

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