About us

Vivastrom, your health partner

What drives us

Your well-being is at the heart of the reason behind vivastrom

Through the establishment of multiple energetic stations across Quebec, we aim to make Vivastrom resonate so strongly that we will become the well-being ally for countless citizens in achieving the full potential of their health.

Vivastrom takes great pride in being a family-owned and woman-led enterprise. As such, our core principles of unity, respect, integrity, and driving positive change are ingrained in our daily operations, all with the ultimate goal of serving our cherished customers.

For your health!

A global and holistic approach

To empower every customer to proactively manage their health, the Vivastrom team prioritized the creation of accessible services that foster well-being and self-healing across multiple dimensions: physical, energetic, and spiritual.

A visit to a Vivastrom energy station signifies a commitment to your well-being and an investment in your own health. It’s an opportunity to recognize the pivotal role you can play in enhancing your overall wellness.

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