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Energy therapist
Sylvie Major

Holistic approach

How an energy treatment works on the mind and body


Clear areas of stagnation and restore circulatory fluidity of energy in the body


Calm the mind and release emotional overloads that hinder the chakras’ balance


Clear relational blockages in order to harmonize the connections that unite you with others


Cleanse stagnant energies caused by stress and strong emotions for a higher vibrational rate

The benefits

The benefits of an energy treatment

Depending on your situation, Sylvie will suggest a plan to cleanse and align your energy system. To start, three treatments close together are recommended.

Thereafter, the frequency of treatments is dictated by the needs and desires of the client. For example, a wheel of life treatment consists of 12 treatments in 12 months. Or, one treatment per season can be greatly beneficial in order to maintain energy balance.

By releasing the negative energy charge that weighs on you on a daily basis, your stress and anxiety are considerably calmed.

By allowing energy to nourish the entire energy structure, muscular tension, digestive and sleep disorders can be greatly reduced.

It is possible to clear blockages caused by shocks or trauma since birth.

The state of harmony felt following the alignment of the energy system prepares you to open up to new personal and relational horizons.

Certified energy therapist

About Sylvie Major

Called by the mysteries of the divine since a young age, Sylvie began her practice as an energy therapist more than 30 years ago. Sylvie was able to create a unique approach thanks to numerous foundations and energetic disciplines, including reiki, the healing of the three bodies, the opening of the chakras, ancestral communication, solar plexuses, planes of being and much more.

Driven by the conviction that it is possible to completely free oneself from deep blockages, Sylvie feels privileged to help her clients purify their body and mind and thus live their true nature to the fullest.

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