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Health problems that can be improved with naturopathy


Intestinal and digestive disorders, Crohn’s disease, reflux

Joint problems

Joint pain, osteoarthritis, arthritis, inflammation, injuries

Hormonal problems

Hot flashes, menopause, mood, acne, obesity, menstrual disorders

Mental performance

Stress, anxiety, memory problems, attention deficit, ADHD

Sleep and lack of energy

Fatigue, insomnia, lack of energy, irritability, exhaustion

Pregnancy and children

Support for pregnancy, asthma, attention deficit, ADHD


Types of consultation for your needs

Marc offers his consultations online in the form of a video conference, or in person at Vivastrom in Terrebonne.

During your initial consultation, Marc will:

  • Conduct a complete collection of health parameters;
  • Perform a professional assessment of your health condition;
  • Discuss with you a comprehensive health strategy;
  • Put in place a food plan
  • Make supplement suggestions;


Achieving your health goals requires consistent and sustained effort. Your naturopathic follow-ups will consist of:

  • Updating recommendations as your state of health changes;
  • An understanding of the obstacles sometimes encountered during treatment;
  • Better knowledge of one’s biochemical individuality in the face of illness;
  • Motivation and encouragement to follow the suggested recommendations


Natural remedies for period of discomfort

  • cold, flu, sinusitis
  • gastro, indigestion, nausea
  • temporary anxiety, stress
  • headaches, eye irritation
  • Aches, sleep


  • ketone diet, Atkins, paleo, gluten-free
  • vegetarianism
  • coffee, acidic foods,
    detox cure, juice cure, fasting


Presentation of the assessment based on your signs and symptoms, your answers to the questionnaires as well as your lifestyle habits.

Marc offers natural recommendations aimed at restoring the factors that influence your health. The ultimate goal is to improve your quality of life by implementing healthy habits as well as supplementing with naturopathic products.

By evaluating key indicators (teeth, fat distribution, behavioral traits, etc.), Marc identifies your glandular type, an essential step in improving your health.

Certified naturopath

About Marc Goyer, experienced naturopath

Marc began his private naturopathy practice more than 35 years ago. Passionate about this profession, he also became an author, columnist, speaker and radio host in order to popularize and demystify naturopathic principles.

An advocate for the importance of taking charge of oneself, his vast experience allows him to affirm that natural and holistic approaches to health bring excellent, long-lasting results.

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